Una Voca - Central Oregon
"Lex Orandi - Lex Credendi"

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The chapter has the following aims that shall direct its activities:

 Introductory Note:
The Society of St. Gregory the Great seeks to increase the level of respect of the Mass, especially through reintroduction of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  The Holy Father's  Summorum Pontificum, issued motu proprio, serves as the catalyst for these efforts. The SSGG board is dedicated not only towards this end, but also achieving this as a group of lay people who are under the authority of the local pastors and our bishop.  As such, the actions attached and specifically endorsed by SSGG shall be seen as a service to the Diocese of Baker and carried out with the respect, charity, and goodwill that is due to the local clergy under which we serve.


Article II of the Constitution and Bylaws

 1.  To work as a lay movement within the Church for an organic restoration of the liturgy in conformity  with its nature and with the Latin tradition 

2.  To ensure that the traditional Roman Mass as codified in the Missale Romanum edited by Pope John XXIII is maintained -- both in practice and in law -- as one of the forms of Eucharistic celebration which are recognized and honored in universal liturgical life.

3.  To obtain freedom of use for all other Roman liturgical books enshrining "previous liturgical and disciplinary forms of the Latin tradition" (cf. Ecclesia Dei, n. 5) 

4.  To safeguard and promote the use of Latin, Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony in the liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church

5.  To encourage, wherever it would benefit the faithful, the establishment of non-territorial parishes and/or chaplaincies in which the liturgical books used in 1962 are employed.

 6.  To serve the Church by helping the members of the movement and, through their apostolate, all the Christifideles better to understand, and more fruitfully to participate in, the Catholic liturgy as a sacred action.


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